"Family don't end with blood." -- Bobby Singer, Supernatural

"You have become something unstoppable. I hereby pronounce you a community." -- Jeff Winger, Community

A Community-Supernatural crossover fusion. As a tribute to Community's amazing lines a la Dan Harmon and his fantastic team of writers, this blog will draw parallels between Community characters and Supernatural ones.

Castiel : Abed Nadir
Dean Winchester : Troy Barnes
Sam Winchester : Annie Edison
Gabriel : Jeff Winger
Anna : Britta Perry
Ellen Harvelle : Shirley Bennett
Crowley : Pierce Hawthorne



"We’re all gonna get through this. We’re all alive, and we’re all fine." 

— Troy Barnes, “Course Listing Unavailable”

> Dean as Troy

Jeff’s the established leader of the study group, but there are so many instances that demonstrate how Troy’s more in tune with holding the group together as a family (“Mixology Certification,” “Course Listing Unavailable,” etc). The look on his face when he knows that Shirley and Andre can work things out is just pure joy and happiness for them — and that’s mirrored in a more bittersweet way when Dean sees his Dad and Sam together again. 

"Maybe I’m not done raging against the machine!" 

— Britta Perry, “Geography of Global Conflict” 

> Anna as Britta, corrupt Heaven as 'the Machine' 

 I think this is one of Britta’s most well-known quotes (both serious and comical) for a reason. Both Britta and Anna are fiercely dedicated to their causes, even though their ways of expressing it are somewhat, well, Britta’d. 

"I’m not a relaxed person, Britta. I think ahead. I prepare."

— Annie Edison, “Mixology Certification” 

> Sam as Annie

"God, if you’re out there, I know I don’t deserve it, but I need your help."

— Abed Nadir, “Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples”

> Castiel as Abed

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"Do you think bees eat their own honey?"

"I’m sure they’ve at least tasted it." 

— Abed Nadir and Troy Barnes, “Celebrity Pharmacology”

> Castiel as Abed

Headcanon: Castiel and Abed set out to see if bees eat their own honey. Abed just wants to film the bees, manages to convince Castiel that a bee suit is the perfect, calming camouflage. Castiel insists on being one with nature, and strips down to mingle with the bees. The end result: Castiel gets his honey and Abed gets a lot of footage.  

“Because I settled on a truth today, that’s always going to be true. I would do anything for my friends. Which I think is how everyone in the world feels. Which finally makes me understand war.”

— Jeff Winger, “Pillows and Blankets, Part 2”

> Gabriel as Jeff

A major part of both Jeff and Gabriel’s arcs has been learning to let people in, and realizing that they have a responsibility to help the friends that look up to or to them. Plus, they can both be jerks, but a good man/archangel at the core.
“‘Sup, girl. How you livin’?”

— Troy Barnes, “Advanced Gay”

> Dean as Troy

Because have you seen them flirt?
"What did you do? You ruined it!"
“No, no, no, the money doesn’t matter anymore. Once you’ve sold something out, you can’t get it back.”

— Troy Barnes and Pierce Hawthorne, “Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts”

> Dean as Troy; Castiel as Abed; Crowley as Pierce; profound bond as handshake; souls as money